Bravo-Live DJ

Just to be perfectly clear – I want to say up front, that I don’t personally know the folks at Bravo-Live and we don’t have any kind of “package deal” or special pricing – I just really love their work. Here is why…

A lot of engaged couples come to me and say, “We love your videography and editing style for receptions. Can you make our reception look like this?” (

And I say “Yes, I can make it look like that BUT – only if you have the right DJ.” Really? What does a DJ have to do with video production and editing? Consider this; a DJ can add two very important elements to video:

·         A good DJ can ensure that everyone is having a good time! A good DJ is perceptive. They do a good job of connecting people with the kinds of music that moves them. For example, if you are in to folk music but your DJ keeps spinning hip-hop, then your guests are not going to dance or have a very good time. On the other hand, if your DJ is perceptive and can sense the kinds of music that you and your guests enjoy, then everyone will have a great time. That kind of thing definitely comes through in video.

·         Lights! This is such a big deal, but is overlooked way too often. Watch the video I put in the link above. That “look” had very little to do with video production and editing and a lot to do with lighting. If you plan to dance at your reception, ask your DJ about lights. They are an absolute “must.”

So there you go. That’s why I like working with Brovo-Live DJ. I know if people are having a great time and the mood is set with the right lighting, then the video is going to look awesome!!